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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 12, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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the sharks tank emptied about an hour ago. and right now folks in sacramento are celebrating a huge win. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. game seven was a nail biter but now the sharks move on.
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lloyd lacuesta found out that every seat was a good seat tonight. >> reporter: that's right, this shirt says game seven, sharks beat the red wings, and that's exactly what they did today setting up pandemonium. >> i've been waiting 18, years for this. >> the adrenaline was incredible. everybody was having a great time and we're thrilled. >> reporter: the sharks scored first by a power goal by sedaguchi. sharks fans were anxious. the shark that won the first three games of the series then dropped the next three to force tonight's game seven. winner goes on, loser goes home. >> nervous. yeah, not going to lie. >> reporter: not only was tonight a do or die win, but the sharks have a 20 year history of getting close but never making it all the way to the stanley cup. >> but i think there's something going on out there
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that they don't want to be -- a plane that they don't want to be on this week. >> reporter: outside we found a fan trying to get tickets. an $80 seat was going for 140. a bar seat was second best for being in the tank. >> pretty comfortable. everybody in here rooting for sharks. >> reporter: some restaurants set up sidewalk tvs for the game. inside or outside, the emotions were the same. >> i am feeling so much better now. and it was such a great game. fantastic. >> is the curse over? >> the curse is over. vancouver now. >> reporter: a series with the vancouver canucks begins on sunday. all i can say is that this was a great great series with detroit and it ain't over yet. shark fans celebrate for now. live at the shark tank, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the sharks had never been to the stanley cup finals. if they beat vancouver this year would be the first.
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mark ibanez has more on the big win later in sports. we will go back to the tank after the big name seven win. traffic is back to normal tonight along interstate 880 after a tanker truck spilled bio diesel fuel on to the roadway. the truck flipped to it sides in oakland. happened shortly before 1:00 p.m. causing a traffic back up that stretched for miles. the truck was carrying a thousand gallons of fuel, the chp says 150-gallons spilled on to the roadway. the lanes reopened shortly after 5:00 this afternoon. oakland city council debateed the future of four fire stations at a budget hearing tonight. stations seven, 25, 28 and 29 could be closed in an attempt to reduce the city's $58 million budget deficit. it's part of a so called worse case scenario proposed by mayor jean quan.
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it also calls for the shortage of the police force. it also calls to close the fire station on clairmont avenue. >> great to have it right there. definitely gives everybody here a sense of security. it would be a shame to see it go. >> if those four fire stations are closed, the crew and equipment would be sent to other fire houses. andy kline spoke just this week about the sudden's death of the city's major ahmad. the chp arrested kline this morning. kline said he pulled over to answer his cell phone when an officer approached and smelled alcohol in his breath. kline released a statement saying, i know as a politician we are held to a higher standards. kline blew a .08 during a field
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sobriety test. he was set to serve as the sit in major after ahmad's death. 25-year-old marcerie calgeron and kyle williams were both business accounting majors less than three weeks from graduation. the university says they were both shot by marcerie's husband in the tenth street garage after class tuesday night. >> she was in my class sitting right next to me the whole semester. we knew, we would walk her to that parking and kyle was walking her that time. so it was someone next to her. >> reporter: thomas kegion grew concerned when his classmate was not in class yesterday. >> she was not in class. we had a bad thought with my classmate, we started calling
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her. we were not getting a response. >> reporter: the woman he describes as sweet, smart and passionate was shot to death by her husband. culg era n then turned the gun on himself. a professor says the students were not linked romantically and believe that she may have been given him a ride home. >> everybody who knows for sure has passed away. >> reporter: students at the press conference gasped when both were business majors. the victims are expected to be honored during an on campus memorial and will likely receive posthumous diplomas. maureen naylor. we now know the names of
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two men shot and killed near vallejo. one was ramon hatfield. the other 29-year-old sean pierre riley. solano sheriff's deputies released the names today. oil company executives were called before congress to explain why companies that receive billions in profits receive tax breaks. rita williams supports, the hearing had rising gas prices as a backdrop but will still likely not change anything. >> reporter: gas prices are high, so are oil company profits. >> i think it sucks, i really do. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> i'm ready to sell the car right now. >> reporter: oil company executives say don't blame them blame east crude prices. today the ceos the five biggest oil companies were on
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the hot seat. democrats want to strip the companies of $21 billion in tax breaks over ten years. >> they are economy wide generally available deductions and credit under the tax code. removing them for select few oil and gas companies is nothing less than discriminatory and a penttive tax hike chevron's ceo says it's wrong to increase taxes on oil and gas companies to subsidize over forms of energy. >> don't punish our industry for doing its job well. >> reporter: republicans accused democrats. the dog and pony show accusation drew this democratic response. >> you would have an easier time convincing american people
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a union just flew into this meeting. >> reporter: in oakland, rita williams ktvu channel channel 2 news. and the retail price of gasoline may start to reflect that price. on average a gallon of regular sells $3.84. select members of congress are being allowed to view the death photos of osama bin laden. one senator is calling them gruesome. there are 15 photos in all. >> the first 12 were taken in the compound, it's obvious it is right after the incident took place. so they are pretty grueling. the other three were taken on the ship and included the burial at sea. >> reporter: lawmakers are calling for the public release of those photos. president obama has said that
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is not going to happen. defense secretary robert gates is expressing concerns that details about the operation to take out osama bin laden have become public. speaks to marines gates said, everyone in the situation room agreed to keep quiet but that agreement fell apart the next day. the secretary said he's worried about the safety of the special forces team members who killed osama bin laden. >> there has been a consistent and effective effort to protect the identities of those who participated in the raid and i think that has to continue. >> gates says the men told them they are concerned about their families so security will be increased. president obama has asked fbi director muller to stay on for another 10 years. so a special act of congress is needed to keep him on the job. in a message to fbi employees, muller said he would be honored to continue serving. the president says he wants h him to stay for the sake of the nation's security -- he wants
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him to stay for the sake of the nation's security. and i'm back here in about 10 minutes. i'm going to be tomorrow's forecast. temperatures coming down a little bit. then i'm going to have the weekend, wet and cool. an unusual senior prank. it was over in minutes. but it's leaving some heart broke. i worked so damn heart to get here. a stunning elimin our planes start flying when it's dark.
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new at 10:00, a group of high school seniors in the east bay are being threatened with suspension and having their prom cancelled after a food fight in their cafeteria today. debra villalone has the story. >> reporter: also possibly grad night, yearbook, fancy grad ceremony. the stunt behind those cafeteria doors has turned messy. it started with cake to the face then game on. a food fight rumors all week launched by graduating seniors. >> they are good kids. they do well in school and i think it was just like a juvenile form of senior prank. like they wanted to kind of go out with a bang. >> reporter: this senior works in the lunchroom. >> it just exploded. everybody started throwing stuff all over the place. >> reporter: afterwards, the dean exploded. even as the teens started
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cleaning up on their own, he told them their prom was cancelled along with their grad night trip to disney. >> they called the grad houses and told them we were all suspended and we weren't going to have prom that night and all that. >> reporter: the principal calls the food fight devastating. she notes this charter school has high test scores and many college bound grads. one student took applying orange to the face today and had to be checked into the hospital. >> there are consequences that are going to be both for individual students but then also for the whole school community in terms of what makes sense. >> reporter: but only about 30 seniors took part in the food fight and there are almost 100 students in the senior class. >> by them taking away our prom, grad night and other events it's taking away from the high school experience. >> reporter: some pranksters say, whatever the mark, it was
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worth it. >> i think so. because it leaves a mark, i think it's worth it. >> reporter: students hope by tomorrow administrators would have cooled off and softened some of these penalties or at least not apply them to everyone. live in hayward, debra villalone. the coast guard was called into action off the coast of san francisco today. this is video of a man being hoisted off an 1,100 long cargo ship. the man injured his hand. the ship was about 50 miles off the coast when the helicopter arrived over head. once on the ground the man was wearing a yellow jacket walked to an ambulance. strong winds fanned flames turning three ocean front homes into timber boxes this evening. a thick column of black smoke could be seen for miles at the fire engulfed the sunset beach homes. two homes were destroyed and the third is severely damaged. there is no word yet what sparked the fire. we have new word about a stabbing in san rafael that
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left one man dead and four people behind bars. jeffrey lee omstead was fatally stabbed in a gang related fight. carlos gutierrez, two 17 boys and a 16-year-old boy have all been arrested. all four suspects are known gang members and are now facing murder charges. santa clara police are searching for clueing to solve the death of a man -- searching for clues to solve the death of a man who was found on the sidewalk. paramedics were not able to revive him. police say they think he diswas not an accident and have now ruled it a homicide. a group of oakland teachers held a noisy rally today outside a bank. the oakland education association and supporters formed a picket line outside the wells fargo bank on 12th street and broadway. the theme was bail out schools
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not banks. they also called on banks to stop foreclosures especially in east and west oakland. oakland police tells ktvu7 protesters were arrested for going into the wells fargo bank and refusing to leave. the process ramps up next week when jerry brown releases his may budget. the gop proposal would maintain education funding at current levels. it also calls for no new taxes. a 10% pay cut for state workers and as ktvu's john sasaki reports, further cuts to social programs to reduce the state deficit. >> reporter: for 12 hours a day, building block center in concord cares for about 40 children. roughly half are here only because the state subsidizes the $215 weekly cost. >> because child care is so expensive, they couldn't afford quality child care and therefor they would have to have their children at home then they would lose their jobs.
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>> reporter: today assembly republicans put forth their budget plan which would neither raise taxes more cut education funding. >> it's a road map. it's a path way to a discussion. and for us we are putting forth ideas that not necessarily are all ours. >> reporter: but the plan would include major cuts for the poor, elderly, disabled, mentally ill and early childhood development. >> as a society we're going to pay for it later. we will pay for it because families will be losing jobs, we'll pay for it because these children won't be as successful in school and the drop out rate will increase. >> reporter: the county food bank receives no state funding but cuts elsewhere could mean more people needing food. >> we're serving 132,000 people each month. so we're going to have that number continue to increase dramatically. >> reporter: despite the state's recent influx of 2.3
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million in cuts in the revenue. balancing the budget on the backs of the state's neediest people is immoral. a sunny day today. don't be fooled things are going to cool. these are the warmest temperatures. still pretty nice day. tomorrow you wake up with fog and clouds. the highs tomorrow upper 60s, low 70s. the story tomorrow major cooling and showers. nothing that warm, kind of cool out there. then tomorrow afternoon watch for the yellows. this is the forecast highs for your friday. yellows are 70s. greens are 60s so a little bit cooler. i've got the long range model it rolls it right into this weekend and it shows us cooler
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weather and a chance for showers. b.a.r.t. riders may be happy to hear b.a.r.t.'s plan. recent riders were unhappy with what they saw with the lack of cleanliness. but using money to clean the train depends on whether the state gives b.a.r.t. the $15 million that it is due. police started cleaning up and were surprised with what [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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[ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. a battle is heating up over a bay area memorial for victims of the 1978 jones town mass suicide. the question should the name jim jones be included on the stone. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now at oakland with a judge's
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ruling that came down late today. jana-- >> reporter: julie we saw this jones town memorial that's here at evergreen cemetery. it's about 90% completed. some of the victim's families today asked the court to put a temporary stop to the project. but the judge has denied the request. the memorial sits on a hilltop high over oakland marking the spot where nearly half of the 18 people who died in the jones town massacre are buried. the tragedy in gayana is thought to be the biggest suicide murders. >> i think the key thing is that it's a place of remembrance, and it's a memorial to a tragedy that's overdue. >> reporter: today jim jones jr. was at the alameda courtroom. a judge heard arguments to stop
11:54 pm
the project filed by norwood. the judge ruled against the temporary injunction to stop the project. so far the jones town memorial fund has spent 130,000 for the stones. an attorney told us the cemetery staff is caught in the middle. >> i don't think it's the cemetery's role to decide these type of disputes. it should be resolved by these parties. >> reporter: the next court hearing is set for may 25th just four days before this new memorial is set to be formally unveiled here. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. embattled tax attorney ronny doich says she is giving up her law practice. doich made the announcement. ronny doich law office is in
11:55 pm
debt for nearly $30 million. dioch could face jail time. she is accused of shredding documents and failing to refund clients. on wall street the market started the day lower but a rally led by food companies including coca cola, mcdonalds and kraft helped stocks finish higher. the dow rose 65 point, the nasdaq was up 17. thieves usually get rid of the evidence. everyone if it's the size of an atm. this week police found three atms buried in a piece of seem. the former owner a construction business and is now on the run. james
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just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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so it's now down to the three finalists on american idol. and tonight's elimination was a shocker that set jennifer lopez to tears. >> reporter: a lot of jaws simply on the floor. you know this place pizza my heart has been a popular place for people to watch james durbin all season long. they were back here today, they were watching him on the big screen. and that's where they saw and heard the rocker who was so
11:59 pm
manies favorite eliminated. >> reporter: james durbin face showed it and so did the judges. one of the biggest shocks sent the 22-year-old packing. >> i can't believe how this happened. i mean, he should have won. >> reporter: it was an earlier exit than any of durbin's fans ever expected. several couldn't hold back tears including friend gloria. >> i think he was doing this for a very noble reason which was to support his family. >> reporter: nearly 17 million viewers cast votes, the most for idol's. considered the most consistent of the finalists, the loss for durbin was hard to take. >> i worked so hard to get here. >> reporter: it even brought
12:00 am
j.lo to tears. >> i've been so much stuff that hasn't been done on the show before. >> reporter: durbin made his exit singing maybe i'm a maze. his fans here simply stunned. >> reporter: back out live even more painful people here were planning on celebrating durbin day on the boardwalk. that was pending him making it to the final three. no doubt a lot of those events won't happen now. still he will return a hero. we're live in capitola, eric rasmussen. you can hear what to say ab elimination. he will be live here tomorrow beginning at 7:00 a.m. you can also check out ktvu' american idol section. you will find profile, games
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and a lot more. a major study provides evidence that early treatment of hiv will benefit more than the patient by making the patient less infectious. so starting the anti viral drugs before the patient gets sick helps stop the virus from spreading. the national institute of health says the results were so clear it was ending the study. california's attorney general today came to the defense of the judge who ruled prop eight was unconstitutional. now retired john von walker's decision was challenged by same- sex marriage opponents because he's in a long term same-sex relationship. attorney general camela harris accused the attorney of anti gay virus. she says, san francisco city
12:02 am
-- a patient who called our newsroom said the victim is frail and in his 60s. sources tell ktvu news the attack happened in an area that houses dangerous patients. workers says the another example of why that hospital needs more security. >> we're trying to protect ourselves, each other and the individuals and it's just very hard with a lack of staff and lack of security. another patient is charged in the killing last october of psychiatric technician donna gross in a hospital courtyard. a house sub committee moved to request money. the money would buy an additional 275 scanners. the machines have sparked outrage over their revealing images of travelers. today's move won't affect the hundreds of machines already in place in 78 u.s. airports. and take a look at this,
12:03 am
this video shows lightning hitting a plane. none of the passengers were hurt. lightning routinely hits airports and that they act as conductors. the key to where all the water goes next is louisiana. the army corp. of engineers could open it this weekend that would die verdict water away from baton rouge and new orleans. instead farmland, swamps and thousands of homes would be under 15 feet of water. facebook is on the defensive tonight amidst claims it launched a secret mere campaign against google. facebook released a statement saying it should have been more transparent on pointing out what it says are the negative
12:04 am
aspects of google's privacy. more than 5,600 mail carriers were attacked by dogs last year. that cost the agency more than a million dollars a year in medical expenses. mail carriers were bitten in more than 1,400 cities across the u.s. but houston and other warmer cities saw the most attacks. san jose ranked 15 with 23 reported bites. talk about hot wheels, a classic 1969 camaro stolen in 1975 in new jersey has surfaced in santa maria in central california. keith williams bought the car on ebay but when parts didn't match the original like the v8 engine he checked with police and they tracked to a woman in new jersey. she now plans to sell it but williams says he doesn't want to buy it again. organizers hope that people who tried commuting on their
12:05 am
bike today would keep it up. san francisco transportation officials say bike riding has increased 58% over the past four years. some riders say it's a healthy response, the rise in bike prices and mass transit fairs. boring deep for seismic safety. the tunnel project we got a look at today and how it will benefit water customers 30 miles away. and as promised in less than 10 minutes i'll be back here with the long range model that rolls you right into this bay area weekend. it looks cool, it looks wet. and 90 minutes ago the tank
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ktvu news got an up close look today on the work of a water tunnel. the new irvington tunnel is part of the a multi million dollars project to make seismic upgrades. the city of napa says it's water problems are now fixed and the system is operating normally again. a 36-inch water main dating back to 1948 broke on tuesday spilling 1 million-gallons of water. city officials say the repairs cost between 30 and $40,000. for a time, some residents have water pressure and sediment in the tap water. police in new york city say they have stopped a plot to bomb a synagogue and kill jews. police say undercover detectives were tracking frahani for months after he was
12:09 am
heard complaining about the way muslims were treated. in news of the world tonight in greece, a protest went out of control. far right young people attacked the immigrant marchers then battle with riot police. the clashes lasted for hours. accused nazi demoniac was wheeled into court in munich. he is now 91 years old. he lived in ohio until the u.s. stripped him of his citizenship and deported him to germany to stand trial. and in china, police paraded a man before cameras after he was accused of stealing from a forbidden city.
12:10 am
the man is accused of stealing several artifacts. they received the art pieces which were purses and come parts covered in gold. marin county has the oldest age. all nine bay area counties are higher than the state median average of 35.2 years. the driving force behind this change are baby boomers. people in their early 60s are the fastest growing group in california. mary tyler moore is having brain surgery. her publicist says doctors have been monitoring the tumor for years. the 74-year-old moore appeared in the dick van dike show in the 60s then the mary tyler moore show in the seven 0s. just trying to make sure we can provide health care.
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hundreds of hospitals but how many will be standing after a ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda.
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one in five hospitals in the state are at risk of collapse. consumer editor tom vacar tell us that's why despite the recession, california has entered the final age of hospital buildings, and he has tonight's special report. >> reporter: walnut creek's new hospital opening this weekend are already state of the art. they're ready to meet a mandate all hospitals won't have to meet for 30 years, this mandate. >> it's not just about being structurally safe and making
12:14 am
sure all the patients inside are safe. it's making sure we can provide health care right after a major event. >> reporter: how many are at risk for collapse in a mayor earthquake? >> 665 today. >> reporter: dr. david carlisle has now served three governors as director of the state agency for construction and safety of all health care facilities. >> they are all in the significant collapse hazard category. in the event of a loma prieta level, they all are in a level of collapse. >> reporter: it's important to note that collapse doesn't mean the building will be flattened. >> for the public it means collapse, to me it means
12:15 am
partial to significant damage or partial collapse. >> most hospitals are in fact, making very good progress toward meeting the seismic standards that the state has established. >> reporter: what that really means though is that people need to be able to get out of the building but the building doesn't have to be able to render medical care. by 2030 that's all going to change. >> they have to be able to withstand an earthquake. >> reporter: but are the buildings slated for retrofitting safe? >> hospital buildings are either as safe as any other building in california or in many cases in most cases they are safer. >> reporter: schools and hospitals in california have been designed to a much higher criteria for a long time. >> reporter: that's because hospitals have had to adhere to a much higher building standard after two suffered deadly damage in a south california earthquake 40 years ago. now hospitals have no choice but to upgrade. most are simply building new
12:16 am
facilities to meet the 2030 mandate. >> it is the largest unfunded mandate in the history of california the price tag is estimated to be $110 million. many hospitals, private and public do not have the money and can not borrow it so they'll be forced to shut down. >> we all support the challenge, but the challenge is all about dollars. >> reporter: on top says the go unrealistic. because an uncollapsed building doesn't mean that delicate hospital equipment won't survive violent shaking. though a lot of progress is being made. it's 19 years until 2030 and a lot of earthquakes can happen by then. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news. >> we have posted tools to help identify the hospitals in your area and how safe they are. a baby boy in monterey
12:17 am
county made his debut in a very big way. this is matthew anthony maldonado. he came into the world on monday in salinas weighs 14 pounds 9-ounces. he may be the biggest baby born in california. the not so little matthew was born via c section. his father says doctors had warned the couple matthew would be a big baby. a little bit of wind left out there right now. let's go out to redwood shoreless. big changes coming our way. but not tomorrow, this whole deal is going to happen over the weekend. let's take a look at the system i'm tracking. there it is to the north. rain returns saturday night into sunday. cooler for sure on your weekend and unsettled weather on sunday. you could see snow, you will see snow up in the lake tahoe area. maybe a snow advisory.
12:18 am
this weather system talking about this since monday. it has been spinning up here grabbing more cold air, more cold air and more cold air. now it's going to start its migration south. that will start moving into the bay. showers saturday. partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow. then it all turns around as we head into your bay area saturday. we have nice daytime highs. saturday and sunday the biggest thing you will notice besides showers saturday and sunday, cooler just cooler. it's going to feel like march it's not going to feel like may. outdoor activities you may get away with stuff outside because the rain showers will be widely scattered son sunday but it'll be cool -- widely scattered scattered on sunday but it'll be cool. here comes the frontal system.
12:19 am
it's not a super powerful storm it's just cool and it's not supposed to be here. most of us are asleep for the steady rain. some where around 10:00, 11:00 we start to see cumulous clouds. the nicest places will be along the coast. but the idea on sunday, it's going to be one of those days, widely scattered showers, depends where you are. in the mountains there will be showers as well. we get into friday afternoon, it's all good. then here we go saturday the showers start to shore up offshore. this times out saturday 11:00 there's rain. widely scattered showers at noon then you get the picture so that's how we go. that's how the bay area goes. lots of upper 60s. your five day forecast shakes out like this. plenty of sunshine tomorrow and then everything changes around. >> boy it sure does.
12:20 am
all right, thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. homeless people in san francisco now have a place where they can get online. 50 new computers in the tenderloin computer lab. the lab officers computer classes and gives people a place to look for jobs. a donation by craigslist founder craig numar helped pay
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♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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the celebration is under way all the way around the bay area for the sharks. it was just a pins and needles game. >> everyone if you're just a casual hockey fan, it doesn't get better than that. the man called out on national television for gutless play and a lack of heart, patrick marlow responds by simply scoring the game winning goal in the biggest game in shark history. that little guy doesn't have any memories of past play off heart break. only good memories making in tonight's game12:20 in sedaguchi will break the scoreboard in 1-0 sharks and they will add to it in that
12:24 am
first period. under a minute left in the first, it's logan couture another designer goal. his sixth of the postseason it's 2-0. but of course detroit fights back to make it close. 2-1, patty marlow first goal of the series it was 3-1. detroit attacks again they close it to 3-2. niemi look at this save here in the final moment. and you see the replay and his relief as the sharks hold on to the one goal victory. our resident hockey expert fred inglis has been hanging out with the sharks to the not so bitter end at all. bringing us some postgame perspective, fred. >> reporter: in the locker room none of the players wanted to call tonight's victory against detroit a defining moment in
12:25 am
the shark's franchise history. but for at least a little while it did silence the would be critics as you said so did patrick marlow. patrick marlow had zero points in the first six games. it was criticized and called gutless by a former teammate. but marlow told me that his game winning goal was not about vindication. >> it feels good either way. you know being able to get the winner and contribute on the score sheet. have my name on there is nice but we still have the best hockey ahead of us and that's what i'm looking forward to now. >> there are times in the bench when i caught myself shaking, i was so so nervous. but we have some guys in our team who have been there, who have been to the stanley cup finals and they've won the whole thing. we had some poise down the stretch, made some playing and
12:26 am
we were able to win this one. how about that 22-year-old logan couture. now it's to the finals that will saturday sunday in vancouver. sharks have not faired well with the canucks and they will not have home ice to start with something that proved to valuable here in the series against detroit. >> 3-2 sharks, 3-2 giants. and in a true sense right now the giants are playing like a team. they do have stars but during this latest hot spell, different day, different hero. the multitalented hugh jackman. his defense is what you have to see right here. beautiful throw and he's got his man at second base. it doesn't get any better than that at right field. great game for him. giants get another in the seventh. how good is it for them to have andres torrez back on the line
12:27 am
up and making it 2-0 against the d backs. for good measure, aubrey huff, matt cain went 7-2/3 for ♪ you'll run outside ♪ i'll pass you by ♪ ♪ i want to see the sunshine ♪ ♪ take me where you are ♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride
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